Cross Irvine’s Summer Camp

Summer Camp

If you haven’t yet, it’s time to get your kids’ names on the roster to spend 2 to 4 weeks at Cross Irvine’s Camp San Pedro del Montaña this summer. Every year we are filled to the rafters with young ones 6 years to 18 years old. The older kids take off to the mountain regions, and the 6 to 12 year old children stay closer to the central buildings of the camping complex.

The new arrivals get their camping chops with the guidance of camp counselors and older kid volunteers. It’s a huge family spread out over 640 acres of semi-civilized wilderness. Many memories have been made at Camp San Pedro, affectionately known as Pete’s, with more waiting where those came from.

Pete’s is definitely not one of those California summer camps where you show up in a stretch limo service waterloo carrying an overnight case. We take camping as seriously good fun, and keep true to the roots of our natural surroundings at the same time.

Pete’s covers all the basics, housing – tents and cabins, great grub, lots of water activities, hiking and foraging and mountain biking along with enthusiastically played group activities, but no room for the cushy life at Camp San Pedro. We feel it’s a necessary time for individuals who could use a little personal attention, too.

In support of each camper’s experience, we are good listeners and Secret Keeper is always available to anyone who wants to talk privately. But the general theme is to learn team participation. Our Counselors teach the one for all and all for one philosophy, and no one is left behind.

We help kids gain skills and confidence by involving them in activities that make them grow. As a child progresses through a program he is encouraged to teach others and take on a leadership role. Nothing is ever forced, but all participants in any of our programs are lovingly encouraged.

We build camp fires when permitted and roast marshmallows, participate in crafts and animal care – all the things that come to mind when thinking about summer camp. Below are some of our favorite pastimes that the kids get to choose from at San Pedro’s in no particular age order.

Hiking and climbing
Canoeing and kayaking
Mountain biking
Horseback riding
Animal care
Volleyball, tennis and badminton
Paint ball
High ropes
Arts & Crafts
Cooking classes
Just hanging at the lake with friends

You may have noticed that there are no computer classes or technology project themes offered. This is by design as we prefer to leave that for the other 50 weeks of the year. Our tech free policy aims to get the kids unplug from technology. Everyone relinquishes their cell phones when they check-in.

Once a week we have a tech hour for kids to collectively communicate with family or friends via their electronics. If they are on a trek and out of cell phone range that hour is forfeited due to lack of service. We have a communications hub for any and all to use in case of emergency, but they are always accompanied by a counselor to the hub’s office, and then given privacy if it’s determined that using the computer or phone is in their best interest.

Camp Counselor

The child’s best interest is always foremost in our hearts and minds at Cross Irvine’s San Pedro del Montaña summer camp. Our Counselors are top notch and vetted to be sure they are who they propose to be. Many return, like the kids themselves year after year to reunite with old friends, become more adept at chosen activities and to just have a heck of a good time.

The cost is easy on the parents, too. A week is only $205 per child. For more extensive educational programs within the camp structure, additional cost will be discussed privately to ensure the campers don’t have to do without. All are reasonably priced and the Church has a camp scholarship fund that supplements children who have shown promise in developing a particular skill. If your son or daughter has a gift that we can all benefit from, we want to be sure they are able to attend camp without any restrictions due to budget.

Call now and get this happening for your family today!